Community Projects

Cheadle Green...

Cheadle Civic Society's largest community project to date has been the restoration of Cheadle Green.

For over 200 years Cheadle Green has served as common ground for the people of Cheadle and has an important place in the history and heritage of the village.

After decades of neglect, the Society decided to allocate funds to restore and rejuvenate the area and in 2016 became the leaseholder of Cheadle Green from Stockport Metropolitan Council.

Today the Green is solely maintained by the Society (we even pay the electricity bill for the lighting on the Green)  and is very much seen as an area of beauty in the centre of the village.

For more information on the restoration of Cheadle Green please visit our legacy site by clicking here...

The Ockleston Memorial...

Robert Ockleston was a popular doctor in Cheadle; after he died in 1888 a subscription was raised to fund a water fountain to his memory, erected in Cheadle in 1889.

In 2017, the Civic Society funded a major project to move Cheadle's historic grade 2 listed landmark, the Ockleston Memorial, to a new permanent home at the front of Cheadle Green.

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Flower Displays in the Village...

Each year the Society provides flower displays along High St and Wilmslow Rd.

The displays are fully funded for and maintained by Cheadle Civic Society.

Cheadle Clean Team...

Cheadle Clean Team is an initiative started by the Society 5 years ago. its aim was to encourage the community to join our organised litter picks. The Clean Team ventures out 4 times a year and mainly focuses its attention on the village centre. over the years the team has grown and attended by all age groups.

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Cheadle Medical Practice Garden...

Originally the garden was created as a community herb garden providing free herbs to the community, however, it has over the years blossomed into a stunning display of colour with a good variety of Spring and Summer plants. The garden has for many years been tended to by a dedicated Society member.

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