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Cheadle Civic Society.

The post-war years saw a period of unprecedented change in Cheadle. Many of the buildings, that had given the village its unique character had fallen into a poor state of repair, and in many cases, the decision to demolish rather than repair the old buildings and replace with a more modern-looking building seemed to be the response from local council planners and landlords.

It was in 1964 when local solicitor, Eric Dyckhoff had the foresight to see that if this kind of development was allowed to continue, and the community of Cheadle remained without a voice of opposition to proposed developments, then the character and heritage of the village would undoubtedly be lost forever.

 Eric Dychoff and a group of community members founded the Cheadle Civic Society.

Since 1964 Cheadle Civic Society has played a vital role in encouraging higher standards of both architecture and planning within the historic village of Cheadle, Cheshire.

'Volunteering Since 1964'

Above: Cheadle Civic Society founder Eric Dycoff at his desk.

Cheadle may no longer be a village in the strict sense of the word, but there are still many people who greatly care about the area and who want to preserve the best from the past, as well as make positive improvements to ensure a better future.

This was the primary criteria of the Cheadle Civic Society when it was formed in 1964 with its founding members having the main aim of stimulating public interest in the beauty, history and character of the village and its surroundings.

The Society has always been entirely independent, accessible and non-commercial and has no connections to any political party, and over the years, the many hundreds of people who have become members have all played their own role in helping to make Cheadle a better place to live.


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